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With each new advent in information technology, man has found new ways to communicate with existing and potential new customers. Today's Internet allows businesses to reach out and provide information to customers throughout the world almost instantly.

The Internet provides businesses and other organizations the opportunity to deliver current information about their products and services to interested individuals and organizations throughout the world. Many web sites becomes much like a virtual trade show booth that is always available.

Information may include:

  • a product catalog,
  • more detailed information about the items or services,
  • information about the company or organization,
  • contact information and information about how to order products and services,
  • online "shopping carts" for customers to purchase and pay for the items selected,
  • a form to contact the company via the internet,
  • a form for interested web site visitors to sign up to receive emailed announcements and newsletters about new products and services.

A search by a potential customer can provide a nearly instant listing of companies and organizations providing the products or services they are looking for.

Web Site Design and Maintenance:

Digital Network Express designs, implements and maintains web sites to help companies and customers connect. Our goal is to design web pages which elegantly showcase the goals and products of an organization, are informative, are easy to use and promote interaction with potential customers. We can help create text, graphics, and photographs to describe products and services.

Samples of our work can be viewed at:

RailsWest.com - a web site for educators which provides information about interpreting the role of railroads in the development of California and the American West.
NoniTrader.com - a web site which introduces Noni juice and other health products. Noni has been used by Polynesian islanders for thousands of years for its healthful benefits.

We can also implement a self serve email system to help client businesses share new information and newsletters with their customers who opt to receive email. Client customers can subscribe or make changes themselves at the our client's own web site. Forms can also be included to obtain information or orders from customers.

Providing Web site Hosting Services:

Information on the Web is located on a variety of servers which are connected to form a giant spider web like network that spans the globe. Most businesses and individuals connect to the internet using an internet service provider. Some internet service providers provide servers which contain the web pages and web sites for many different businesses and organizations.

Digital Network Express partners with iPowerWeb for hosting client web sites, email and mailing lists. iPowerWeb is an ideal partner to host client web sites, providing current technological capability at a reasonable cost. They now hosts more than 120,000 customers in over 150 countries.


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