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Providing Local Area Networks Services

As personal computers have became faster, more affordable, and utilized in new ways, connecting personal computers and enabling the sharing of information and other resources within an office is increasingly important.

Economical Small Business computerDigital Network Express provides the technical expertise to ensure our client companies are able to take advantage of today's local area network and computer technology to create, communicate, store and process information based on their company needs.

We provide:

  • Evaluation of your current computer systems and local area network needs.
  • Microsoft and Novell certified installation, upgrades, maintenance and support for local area networks - LAN's enable sharing and accessing up to date information within today's organizations.
  • Installation and support of routers and internet firewalls designed for small business DSL connections.
  • Installation of wireless network connections.
  • Technical documentation of networks and processes.


Microsoft Certified Professional
Novell Certified Netware Engineer

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